About Stony Brook Community Church
SBCC - an Overview

Who we are

Historically, our roots have been in the Methodist tradition and our polity is United Methodist. We have many positive attributes; a strong and friendly core membership which cuts across diverse economic, ethnic, and political persuasions. The congregation includes people who belong to European, Scandinavian, Celtic, Asian, African American, Hispanic, Jewish, Russian and Native American cultures. It is our goal to be inclusive and open to poelpe of all ages, nations, races, and gender orientation while learning from one another and being enriched by sharing our various faith journeys. In the context of Christian community we seek to address issues of life in belief and practice.

We cherish this diversity. Respect for differences and a commitment to the dignity for all our fellow beings and servce to one another is the basis for our fellowship. We seek to provide Christian nurture for people of all ages and stages of life. We are committed to supporting families, ensuring opportunity, and honoring freedom and responsibility. Perhaps what unites us is a mutual respect for one another and a questioning, intellectual and spritual curiosity. 

We believe we are a thinking, questioning congregation and would hope all our membership is comfortable in such an environment with its associated give and take. There is an unusual depth of talent available in our congregation for music, teaching, administration and spiritual understanding.  We have an excellent music ministry with both a Choir and a Worship Band (the church is located one mile from Stony Brook University; several of our music directors have been, or are, graduate students in their renowned Department of Music).






Physical Facilities

The church owns over 5 acres of land, on which is placed several buildings: the sanctuary, seating 150 persons, the Sullivan House (administration building) which is a large 3-storied Victorian villa, the Hague House (with two rental units), the Opportunity Shop (Op Shop), the Priscilla Smith House (one rental unit), the Education Building with its gymnasium and class rooms (used by both the North Shore Montessori School and the church), and the Parsonage.

The church building was erected in 1860, built as a traditional New England steeply-spired sanctuary by shipwrights. The steeple is held together by wooden spikes; no steel bolts were used. The church is located on a nicely landscaped plot with a small adjacent cemetery, partly owned by the Town of Brookhaven. The property is located close to Stony Brook Village, the Long Island Railroad and major local highways. The building has an elevator for handicapped access.

Sharing space with church activities, the education building is home to the North Shore Montessori School, a telephone crisis hotline, Alcoholic Anonymous, AlAnon, and numerous other groups and organizations.


 Worship Services

For many years there has been a single Sunday worship service starting at 10.00 am, with the Sunday School overlapping. The children and youth attend the first 20 minutes of worship and after enjoying a Children's message they then go to their classrooms to participate in Sunday School activities. Lay persons partake in scripture readings and other aspects of worship. Services are informal, down to earth and uplifting. A dedicated choir of about 12 voices provides music at services, as well as our new worship band.

Partaking in communion services is "Open to All."


Christian Education and Youth Programs


Sunday School is provided from September through July for children and youth at 10.00 a.m. during the regular service as described above. An older youth group meets on Friday evenings from 7-9 pm. With the leadership of the Children and Youth Ministries Coordinator and with a small, but enthusiastic and capable group of parents, a broad range of programs is organized.


 Missions and Outreach

The church supports Habitat for Humanity and recently participated in building a house in North Bellport. We also financially support the Response crisis hotline and the Three Village Meals on Wheels program. The church also aids the Ministries at Coram, Pax Christi Men;s Homeless Shelter, Victims Information Bureau, Three Village Lending Aids Society, Community Youth Services, and numerous regional charities through the Social Concerns Fund. In the fall of 2017 we embarked on a new service innitative to at risk Children and families within our school district. One of the main ways we have been able to help is monthly food collections at local super markets to stock the four food pantries housed in our local school district. This has been an important way for us to help and serve at risk families in our community.

Many of these programs, now grown to maturity and independence, had their genesis and were nurtured through their formative years by our congregation. They are like our grown children, and we are very proud of their accomplishments.

As our name suggests, we believe strongly in investing in our local communities. We believe that with enlightened spiritual and administrative leadership, continuing dynamic programs for the children and youth, and strengthened outreach programs, the church will provide well for the needs of all our congregants and the greater community.


Some History

The Stony Brook Community Church is located in the heart of the historic village of Stony Brook, first settled by English whaling captains and their families in the early 1630's.The community lies in the Town of Brookhaven, which celebrated its 350th anniversary in 2004. The surrounding area, located on the north shore of Long Island about 60 miles east of New York City, is exceptionally beautiful: its residents are fiercely proud of its heritage and outstanding natural setting.

For almost 200 years, the Stony Brook Community Church has been a beacon of hope in the village of Stony Brook. Its steeple provided guidance for ships seeking safe harbor and its walls have been a haven for many across the years.