Meals on Wheels


In a world that sometimes seems to isolate
and ignore the elderly, sick, and unwanted
We pledge to serve those who need us as if
each were our own mother and father,
as if each were our own daughters and sons.

We pledge to serve the lonely, sick, elderly,
handicapped and unloved, not only with the
food they so urgently need, but also with
understanding, patience, smiles, and
listening ears.
For it is through us that those we serve                                                                            
realize a future without fear.                                                                             


The Three Village Meals on Wheels brings food and a few minutes of companionship to those who cannot get out to shop or feed themselves. The program office is located in the Stony Brook Community Church Administration Building, 216 Christian Ave, Stony Brook. Although there is now no administrative connection between MOW and the SBCC, SBCC admires and supports the work MOW does and is proud to have them share our space.

Volunteers are always needed.

Contact Veronica Kreitzer at (631) 689-7070 for more information.